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AuxCode’s Automated Testing has been very beneficial to us when delivering new functionalities. We spot errors before the Release and reduce the risk of introducing defects to clients. This has also allowed us to spend more time on new milestones./A major multinational client about our managed services, deployed in over 15 distinct environments/


Since 2018 I have been pioneering frontend Test Automation to help catch functional defects early on and to prevent software regressions. We have now built a flagship product, fully covered by AuxCode’s test automation. In the process we have demonstrated several points: Test Automation reduces overall costs; It neither overloads the system nor fills it with test data; and Unit Testing is not enough.”  /T.E. Shaw, CTO AuxCode/


The evolving landscape of software development has made testing automation a must.
Some of the challenges are the Product size, reported bugs, and understanding of the software behaviour post-deployment.

Our Solution:
“AuxTA” combines Test Automation with Robotic Automation and addresses these issues head-on.
It allows for configuration testing scenarios for multiple websites.
This is achieved with CI/CD systems such as Azure DevOps.
It bridges long API release times and executes data input and operations.
The Result is a powerful Robotic Process Automation tool.

Efficient and Comprehensive Testing: AuxTA streamlines and unifies software testing processes.
This enables comprehensive UI testing, performance monitoring, and rapid detection of issues
through detailed alerts. This results in enhanced software quality and reduction in manual testing.
This ensures the development teams can have confidence in the reliability of their applications.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Integration: RPA capabilities allows AuxTA to bridge long API release times.
Conducted by executing data input and operations via Human Computer Interface.
This allows software development to continue smoothly even when waiting for API readiness, thus saving both time and resources.

International and Customizable Solution:
AuxTA is a versatile tool suitable fit for both enterprise small and medium sized businesses.
A key strength is customization that addresses specific challenges within different organizational settings.
This leads to software development efficiencies, while adapting to diverse project requirements.

Client Engagement:
AuxTA has garnered significant interest among clients with global deployments.
This is especially the case when deploying new versions of software.
Its automation and monitoring capabilities make cost-effective alternative to manual testing.
Product excels with complex products where AuxTA plays a pivotal role providing various testing services.
These include smoke testing, end-to-end testing, visual regression testing, and performance testing.
AuxTA ensures platforms run seamlessly. Done through implementing numerous short scenarios for validation and monitoring.

AuxTA represents a pivotal shift in software testing and automation.
Through blending both Test Automation and Robotic Automation capabilities the development process is simplified and enhanced.
In turn it provides peace of mind to development teams while improving the overall user experience.
As a testament to its effectiveness, AuxTA has become a solid choice for developers seeking to avoid issues and to ensure smooth operations.

Additional Features:
Automated Data Input and Operations:
AuxTA seamlessly bridge long API release times, ensuring uninterrupted operations through a Human-Computer-Interface.

Quality and Compliance Automation:
It automates the aspects of quality and compliance, providing meaningful notifications and reporting to stakeholders.

Fields of Application:
– Automation of Quality
– Automation of Compliance
– Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for Data Input and Operations via Human-Computer Interface.

AuxTA’s adaptive nature allows for implementation in various organizational settings, and for tailored solutions to meet specific challenges.

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