About Us

A world-class provider of software development and IT services. Guaranteed delivery within Scope, Budget and Schedule.

Company Overview

AuxCode builds IT solutions running at the core of our clients’ mission-critical processes. Our capabilities include end-to-end credit life cycle and wealth management platforms; cloud-based integration, computer vision solutions, cognitive computer systems, distributed ledger technologies, web & app development, and more.

We are well-established in the European Union and in recent years have been expanding our operations to Canada, Peru, USA, and Western Africa.


Our Customers

We serve customers in the Financial, Automotive, Insurance, Manufacturing, FinTech and Healthcare industries. We help them succeed through reliable support and development of their core business systems. For instance, we develop credit bureau systems for credit bureau operators, the full software stack for investment funds, the core systems for travel providers, order & production management system for manufacturers and business solutions at the cutting-edge of DLT.



We are hiring people with skills listed on page Technologies.


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