AuxCode is an owner-managed digital product company established in 2013.
We develop business-critical IT systems for clients in EU, Switzerland, Canada and Japan.
Headquartered in Sofia where we develop exceptional talent and high-performing teams.
Offices in Frankfurt, Amsterdam and Oslo. 
Permanent presence in Ottawa, Toronto, Madrid, London, Zürich and Prague.


Secure Software Development
- Full-cycle development
- Digitalization of processes
- Rewriting of legacy systems
- Platform modernization
Mobile and Web App Creation
- Architecture, development, and support for Android, iOS and cross-platform applications.
IT Consulting
- CTO as a Service
- Proxy Product Ownership
- Technology Strategy - tech stack selection and adoption.
Test Automation
- Improve quality, reduce HR costs and strengthen compliance with our process-monitoring solution.
Web Design
- Custom design and redesign
- Build brand identity via layout, graphical elements and content.
Multi-Cloud Management
- We specialize in multi-cloud solutions, including AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure.
Conversational AI
- Development, implementation and benchmarking of multi-channel bots via ecosystem integrating all major AI engines.
Application Security
- Secure SW development life cycle
- Vulnerability detection
- Application Security Audit
- Elevating security of legacy apps

Empowering your Business through Technology * ( *Coupled with our lifelong commitment)


We help our clients succeed by building and modernizing their digital systems. We create best-in-class custom software and innovative enterprise systems. We provide IT professional services with lifelong commitment.

Among our clients are: Swiss wealth management fund, award-winning German investment fund, ‘Big 4’ accounting firm, international credit bureau, B2B clearing house, Canadian online delivery platform, Japanese e-commerce site, Dutch and Austrian management consultants, and more.

We have extensive experience delivering to clients in Finance and E-commerce. However, we are industry-agnostic and can support clients across diverse sectors.

AuxCode is an approved vendor to highly regulated enterprises, operating bank-grade systems. Security and confidentiality are in our DNA.

Our clients benefit from our ‘Best Value-for-Money’ approach to Pricing. Contact us for a quote.

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