AuxCode is an owner-managed digital product company established in 2013.
We develop business-critical IT systems for clients in EU, Switzerland, Canada and beyond.
Headquartered in Sofia where we develop exceptional talent and high-performing teams.
Offices in Frankfurt, Amsterdam and Oslo. 
Permanent presence in Ottawa, Toronto, Madrid, London, Zürich and Prague.


Secure Software Development
- Full-cycle development
- Digitalization of processes
- Rewriting of legacy systems
- Platform modernization
Mobile and Web App Creation
- Architecture, development, and support for Android, iOS and cross-platform applications.
IT Consulting
- CTO as a Service
- Proxy Product Ownership
- Technology Strategy - tech stack selection and adoption.
Testing Automation
- Improve quality, reduce HR costs and strengthen compliance with our process-monitoring solution.
Conversational AI
- Development, implementation and benchmarking of multi-channel bots via ecosystem integrating all major AI engines.
Multi-Cloud Management
- Single- and multi-cloud analysis, design and operations, with focus on security, cost and compliance.
Application Security
- Secure SW development life cycle
- Vulnerability detection
- Application Security Audit
- Elevating security of legacy apps

Empowering your Business through Technology * ( *Coupled with our lifelong commitment)


We help our clients succeed by building and modernizing their digital systems. We create best-in-class custom software and innovative enterprise systems. We provide IT professional services with lifelong commitment.

Among our clients are: Swiss wealth management fund, German investment fund, ‘Big 4’ accounting firm, international credit bureau, B2B clearing house, Canadian online delivery platform, Dutch and Austrian management consultants, and more.

We have extensive experience delivering to clients in Finance and E-commerce. However, we are industry-agnostic and can support clients across diverse sectors.

AuxCode is an approved vendor to highly regulated enterprises, operating bank-grade systems. Security and confidentiality are in our DNA.

Our clients benefit from our ‘Best Value-for-Money’ approach to Pricing. Contact us for a quote.

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