Our Technologies

AuxCode is actively engaged in product development for the Financial, Automotive, Manufacturing, FinTech and Healthcare industries. At present we also support startup projects in Retail, File-sharing and others. The technologies employed by us are the following:

  • Microsoft Ecosystem:
    • .NET C#
    • Microsoft SQL Server
    • Windows Forms/WPF
  • Open-Source Ecosystems:
    • Angular and Vue
    • Node.js, PHP and Python (especially with Scientific and 3D processing focus)
    • MongoDB (including AWS and Azure variations), MySQL and PostgreSQL
  • Mobile Technologies:
    • Native iOS with Swift, including CoreML and advanced applications like TrueDepth Imaging and STL processing
    • Native Android with Java
  • Computer Vision via OpenCV and Neural Networks
  • Open Banking
  • Machine Learning, including TensorFlow
  • Cloud Ecosystems:
    • Microsoft Azure, including Active Directory and MS Cognitive Services
    • Amazon Web Services
    • SAP Computing Cloud / SAP HANA
    • Cloud Foundry
  • Java and Scala
  • Windows and Linux Middleware
  • Frameworks:
    • Magento implementations/integrations
    • SAGE implementations/integrations
  • Distributed Ledger Technologies/Blockchain (including for non-cryptocurrency applications):
    • Hyperledger
    • Corda
    • Ethereum
  • Quality Assurance:
    • Selenium automation suites
    • www.browserstack.com and similar platforms

References available upon request.

Fringe and experimental technologies not listed above.

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