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"Writing code" is only a fraction of what AuxCode delivers. Our Clients have come to rely on us for co-innovation and dedicated support with the myriad challenges of long-term product development. - We have become their trusted advisors.


Every relationship and project begins with the definition of the governance. When necessary we can help define the governance (roles and processes) and we can preside the governance body.

Project Management

When necessary we can provide a project manager responsible about the scope, the milestones, the deadline and the budget.

Product Owner

For customers who do not have a Product Owner or whose potential Product Owner is busy, we offer a Product Owner role. Our Product Owners have managed products in the FinTech industry, auctions and global online databases of up to several million € of total investment.

Management of Requirements

The Management of Requirements role works closely with the Product Owner and with the Engineering of Requirements roles, coordinating the process until proper Requirements/Acceptance Criteria are developed.

Engineering of Requirements

The typical question a customer asks is “In what form shall we provide the requirements?” Our typical answers are “In whatever form you already have them.” and “Whatever form you feel most comfortable with.” Some people prefer to write. Some people prefer to draw. We accept everything and through a managed process of questions and answers bring them to proper Requirements/Acceptance criteria.


Analysis is the conversion of the Requirements into work for the Developers.

Proof of Concept/Prototyping

AuxCode’s power lies with our talent recruiting and retention model, which allows us to provide partner level co-creation of Proof of Concept and Prototyping work. Then we plug our experience in developing and maintaining scalable mission critical systems to convert the Proof of Concept and Prototype into a Reliable Machine.

Software Engineering

As a laboratory we develop .NET, C#/Angular and SQL Server as well as Angular, Node.js, MongoDB applications targeted at private and public clouds (Azure, Amazon AWS). We deliver 100% native Android (Java) and iOS (Swift) mobile apps. And we dive into cutting edge technologies and applications such as Blockchain and Computer Vision. We have proven expertise in development, maintenance and support of legacy applications.

Quality Assurance

We believe in a holistic approach to quality. Quality begins with proper Requirements and is supported through all stages of the delivery. All our Developers are trained at the Foundation Level of ISTQB(R) and all our QAs at the Advanced Level.

Maintenance and Support

We offer SLA’s with up to 24/7 coverage and immediate response time. We provide automated and human-assisted real-time monitoring services for your business-critical systems.

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