Proudly serving customers in the Financial, Automotive, Manufacturing, FinTech and Healthcare industries.

We have been operating in Europe and Africa since 2013 and recently we expanded to Canada and LatAm. We help our Clients succeed through reliable long-term development and support of their core business systems. For instance, we have developed platforms for credit bureau operators, the full software stack for investment funds, the core systems for travel providers, the order & production management system for manufacturers and the delivery coordination system for shipping companies.


Our Customers About Us

We strive to receive references whenever possible. However, the work with do for some of our clients is under strict confidentiality clauses.


A Big Four accounting firm (project under NDA)

AuxCode helped the 2017 innovation process of one of the Big Four accounting firms by developing the proof of concept and prototype for one of the participating teams. The team won 1st place in the 2017 Innovation competition. As a result the Client chose us as one of two consultants to their 2018 Innovation competition.

Creditinfo Romania

Creditinfo Romania ( is the Romanian subsidiary of Creditinfo Group. AuxCode took over the support and upgrade of Creditinfo Romania’s platform in 2013.

“We are working with AuxCode for more than 4 years, in these 4 years they developed our main product, which is our business core. Our team has been using other services with varying degrees of satisfaction, but AuxCode beats the heck out of those. Thanks for the great job done and hope to work for many years ahead.”

Aurimas Kacinskas, General Manager of Creditinfo Romania

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Ford Trucks and KIA Motors – Ghana

“We asked our solutions provider АuxCode to create the websites for our Ford Trucks and KIA Motors business operations and they delivered beyond our expectations. We are very pleased with the new features, with the Virtual Showroom and the Content Management system.”

Yousuf Syed, National Sales and Marketing Manager, Rana Motors

Plugify ( is a very successful Dutch startup connecting music venues with live performers and helping them organize their events. In this atypical for us engagement we helped Plugify by laying the foundations of their automated testing framework and Quality Assurance.

“At Plugify we cooperated with AuxCode to analyze and improve the quality of our code. They have very independently set up a testing framework for our APIs in Ruby on Rails and created the tests for the whole backend application. I was very glad not only to receive a through test-suite but also a list of recommendations and next steps to further enhance the code climate. Thank you for your professional attitude and hard work.”

 Karens Grigorjanics, CTO of Plugify

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Some of our projects are showcased on our YouTube channel.

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