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AuxCode's consulting practice covers several key areas:

Credit Bureaus – Development, deployment, support & maintenance of Consumer and Commercial Bureau platforms. Integration with Banks, SMEs and other participants in the ecosystem. Ongoing management consulting, roadmaps for business development, including D&A product suite.

Digital Transformation and Systems Integration – Modernizing your legacy business processes to dramatically improve financial results and to keep you ahead of the Competition.

Distributed Ledger Technologies – AuxCode successfully implemented a closed-group Hyperledger Blockchain solving specific financial challenges at a Country level. Beyond the confusion and hyperbole in the world of Blockchain, and the still experimental aspects, there are areas of application where DLT brings real, tangible value. We can help you select the right DLT and guide you through the development process. Or we can build it and implement it for you.

Accounts Receivable – Collections strategies using data mining and predictive modeling, call center and predictive dialing optimization, champion/challenger strategies set up and validation.

Project Management and Agile (Scrum, Kanban, custom) – Projects fail more frequently due to organisational reasons than due to technical ones; And even when they fail due to technical reasons the roots are frequently organisational. We can help you deliver the scope on time and within budget and quality. Or salvage projects that are in trouble or, seemingly, beyond help.

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